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Dynamic activity table is now available on DLM ver 4.2!

building-2665812_1920.jpgNew features released on DLM ver 4.2 :

    1. Dynamic Activity table: Detect and update Activity schema before extraction.
    2. Set up API limit: To avoid reach Marketo API limitation.
    3. UI optimization: User friendly UI & easy-understand log entries.
    4. Effortless upgrade: Capture your existing configurations.
    5. Auto-retry on errors: Automatically resume previous error downloads no matter its due to unstable internet connection or intermediate runtime issues.

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“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance

“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” will be implemented begin on August 15, 2018, and will target to clean Lead Activity and Campaign Membership over 25 months. Furthermore, for some high volume Lead activity like Add to List, Visit Webpage, Click Link on Webpage & Change Data Value will remains only 90 days instead.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn:

  • What will be the impact from “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” on current data?
  • What items will remains the same?

Refer further details ☛ Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy – Overview & FAQ

How will the policy effect?

This is the question most people concern about. What items will exactly be effected?Actually the impact will on all items where Activities data in use. However, there are still some further details you might interested to learn! We will discuss the effected range separately into severals sections as below.

Lead Activities & Campaign Membership

Lead Activities & Campaign Membership will bear the brunt of this policy. Following is the list of both Activities retained for 90 days & 25 months.

Table 1: Marketo Activity Data Retention Policy -Activities Retained for 90 Days
Table 1: Marketo Activity Data Retention Policy -Activities Retained for 90 Days


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 4.17.48 PM
Table 2: Marketo Activity Data Retention Policy -Activities Retained for 25-Months

As the above tables Marketo provided, you can find custom items like CRM integration activities will also be included. However, Change Data Value on Lead Owner and the Company Name fields will be retained for 25 months.

Program & Marketing assets

Resulting impact of Lead Activities will on all Programs and Marketing Assets where use targeted Lead Activities as filter from Smart lists, Smart Campaigns to Programs. Find more details ☛ Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy – Under the Hood

However, the data policy applies only on Lead Activities, not Assets. For example, Program Members which were already added in Program will keep in the program regardless 25 months limitation, but the activities records that Program member was being added will be deleted. However, the record of “Send Email” or “Email Delivered” will be deleted after 25 months. Which means if you keep your engagement program more than 25 months, Leads might receive your email again!

Marketo Analytics reports

Reports that draw data from lead activity logs will definitely be effected. However, even reports that do not refer to lead activity by default could be affected if there are related filters added. Reports that use Lead Attributes as reference filters will not change while filters that look for targeted Lead Activities will only be able to access activities for up to 25 months, so the report might be not accurate when with long time data. Find more details ☛ Data Retention Policy – Impact on Reporting

What will not be effected?

Although there are countless aspects being effected, there are still few items no need to worry about. Such as Lead Attribute, Account, or Custom Object records.

Lead Attribute

There are two main types of Leads data, Leads Attribute & Lead Activity. Lead Attribute is the fields values in Lead while Lead Activity is logs record Lead’s activities. The new data retention policy will not change the way Marketo stores field values within Lead, Account, or Custom Object records. Therefore, Lead Attribute will not be effected through this new policy.

Furthermore, “New Lead” activity which is as important as Lead Attribute will also be exclude from the policy. There are two places in lead records where data is stored. 1) when it was created – in the activity log, showing when the lead became known. 2)In the Lead Info tab, where it shows the first anonymous activity. If the lead was anonymous first before becoming known, the Lead Info tab is where you can find the first anonymous activity.


Activities that affect lead scoring (including those from emails, forms, or campaigns) will be available for 25 months. Beyond that period, the activities will not be retained and won’t affect lead scoring. However, existing score won’t be changed when the activity is deleted.

Salesforce synced data

After the activities is synced from Marketo to Salesforce , the Activity History of a Salesforce Lead/Contact is saved inside Salesforce, these activities will not be affected by this policy change.

Effected Not effected
Lead Activity Lead Attrbute
Campaign Membership Account
Program & Marketing Assets over 25 months or less (90 days) Custom Object records
Report  Lead scores
 Sales Insight global unsubscribe status
 Revenue Cycle Model Transition Rules  CRM synced data
Marketing asset less that 25 months ( or 90 days in some activities type)

We will talk about how to keep this data in use regardless this policy change in next article.


How will “Extract data”, or incrementally download, help on your business?

Have you confused about what’s the difference between “Initial data” and “Extract data” when using DLM? How exactly will this two functions work together to help you downloading data?

Initial data is to help you replicate All data from Marketo to database while Extract data allows you download incremental data only. The design of Extract data is to save your time on loading and to avoid exceeding Marketo API limits.

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DLM Enterprise v 4.1 release!


Though DLM is the expert of loading data from Marketo, we still continuously dedicate ourselves on this field and improve in every aspects. The more users we reached out, the more ideas we got on creating new features of our roadmap. Now, we can’t wait to share ourbranding new DLM Enterprise v4.1 with you! With lots of breakthrough techniques and functions applied on DLM Enterprise, this will definitely be your best solution of 2018!
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マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 末期段階

last stage マーケティングの中期段階では、バイヤージャーニー分析や最適なリード商談化レートでチャネルを定義する方法について話したので、マーケティング・インパクト分析を行うために末期段階分析に進みます。 Continue reading “マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 末期段階”

DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!

DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!

ただいまDLMはGWキャンペーン中です!ぜひご覧ください!! Continue reading “DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!”

マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 中期段階

mid stage

これから中間段階に進み、バイヤージャーニー分析を行いたいと思います。 Continue reading “マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 中期段階”

マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 初期段階




“マーケティング計画を評価するにはがどうすればいいでしょうか?” Continue reading “マーケティング分析のどの段階ですか? – 初期段階”

Which stage of marketing analysis are you in? —- Last Stage

last stage In mid stage of Marketing, we have talked about the methods of analyzing the buyer journey and define the channel with the best Lead-to Opportunity rate, so we will move forward to last Stage analysis to do Marketing Impact analysis. Continue reading “Which stage of marketing analysis are you in? —- Last Stage”

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