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Dynamic activity table is now available on DLM ver 4.2!

building-2665812_1920.jpgNew features released on DLM ver 4.2 :

    1. Dynamic Activity table: Detect and update Activity schema before extraction.
    2. Set up API limit: To avoid reach Marketo API limitation.
    3. UI optimization: User friendly UI & easy-understand log entries.
    4. Effortless upgrade: Capture your existing configurations.
    5. Auto-retry on errors: Automatically resume previous error downloads no matter its due to unstable internet connection or intermediate runtime issues.

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我々は新しいサポート項目を発表できることを大変嬉しく思います。 プログラムメンバーがDLMでサポートできるようになりました!


欠かせない項目でマルケトレポートを生成できるようになり、この先、マーケティングアクティビティや顧客への明確な洞察力もたらしてくれるのです。 Continue reading “プログラムメンバーがDLMでサポートできるようになりました!”

Get Marketo Lead Activities via DLM now!

We are excited to announce LEAD Activities is now available on DLM!

What’s new in this feature?

  1. Get all leads activities
  2. Give a time range for activity data download
  3. Automatically create tables and fields in database Continue reading “Get Marketo Lead Activities via DLM now!”

Marketo Program Members can be accessed by DLM now!

We are excited to announce our new supporting object: Program Member is now available in DLM!

Why do I need Program Member data?

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