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DLM scheduled job 2.0 is now released!

at-1020116Incremental download & schedule job are the key features our customers love and also the most popular functions on DLM. The chemistry to combine schedule job and  incremental download is always amazed by our new comer, and now its getting more and more powerful with Email Notification! Continue reading “DLM scheduled job 2.0 is now released!”


Marketo new data retention policy is taking effect on Aug. 15, did you get prepared? Here are 3 tips for you!

Three tips for you to keep data further:

  1. Use Bulk extract API to back up data
  2. Marketo integration tool
  3. Premium Data Retention Option

Not sure about what is “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” ?
Check here ☛ “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance

Continue reading “Marketo new data retention policy is taking effect on Aug. 15, did you get prepared? Here are 3 tips for you!”

DLM 4.2.5 is now released!

New features released on DLM ver 4.2.5:

    1. Intuitive User Interface
    2. Speed control
    3. Process bar
    4. Preference setup on extracting Lead

Continue reading “DLM 4.2.5 is now released!”

“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance

“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” will be implemented begin on August 15, 2018, and will target to clean Lead Activity and Campaign Membership over 25 months. Furthermore, for some high volume Lead activity like Add to List, Visit Webpage, Click Link on Webpage & Change Data Value will remains only 90 days instead.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn:

  • What will be the impact from “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” on current data?
  • What items will remains the same?

Continue reading ““Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance”

DLM Enterprise v 4.1 release!


Though DLM is the expert of loading data from Marketo, we still continuously dedicate ourselves on this field and improve in every aspects. The more users we reached out, the more ideas we got on creating new features of our roadmap. Now, we can’t wait to share ourbranding new DLM Enterprise v4.1 with you! With lots of breakthrough techniques and functions applied on DLM Enterprise, this will definitely be your best solution of 2018!
Continue reading “DLM Enterprise v 4.1 release!”

DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!

DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!

ただいまDLMはGWキャンペーン中です!ぜひご覧ください!! Continue reading “DLM ゴールデンウィーク SALE!”

DLM v3.2 release- Activity scheduler

Activity Scheduler is now available on DLM. Try to automatize the Activity extraction from Marketo via DLM from now on!

Activity data increases all the time where there are new activities in your Marketo. To make your Activity relative reports up to date, the freshest data is a must! We provide below new features which save your time from manually operating DLM for Activity Download for each day! You could choose whatever Activity types you wish to schedule download process!  Continue reading “DLM v3.2 release- Activity scheduler”

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