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DLM Enterprise v 4.1 release!


Though DLM is the expert of loading data from Marketo, we still continuously dedicate ourselves on this field and improve in every aspects. The more users we reached out, the more ideas we got on creating new features of our roadmap. Now, we can’t wait to share ourbranding new DLM Enterprise v4.1 with you! With lots of breakthrough techniques and functions applied on DLM Enterprise, this will definitely be your best solution of 2018!
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幸いに、DLMでは操作パネルからAPIの使用状況を直接監視できます。 Continue reading “1日の制限を超えないようにAPIの使用状況を監視します!”

Monitor your API usage to avoid exceeding daily limits!

Pulling data from Marketo can achieve several benefits like producing marketing reports or data backup. However, without paying attention to download jobs, your quota of daily Marketo API calls won’t be enough soon. Continue reading “Monitor your API usage to avoid exceeding daily limits!”

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