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“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance

“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” will be implemented begin on August 15, 2018, and will target to clean Lead Activity and Campaign Membership over 25 months. Furthermore, for some high volume Lead activity like Add to List, Visit Webpage, Click Link on Webpage & Change Data Value will remains only 90 days instead.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn:

  • What will be the impact from “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” on current data?
  • What items will remains the same?

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Dynamic activity table is now available on DLM ver 4.2!

building-2665812_1920.jpgNew features released on DLM ver 4.2 :

    1. Dynamic Activity table: Detect and update Activity schema before extraction.
    2. Set up API limit: To avoid reach Marketo API limitation.
    3. UI optimization: User friendly UI & easy-understand log entries.
    4. Effortless upgrade: Capture your existing configurations.
    5. Auto-retry on errors: Automatically resume previous error downloads no matter its due to unstable internet connection or intermediate runtime issues.

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