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  • Marketoのリードフィールドの更新(追加/削除)
  • DLMで新しいオブジェクトをダウンロードしたのに、あなたのデータベースに対応関係テーブルがない
  • オブジェクトのテーブルが誤ってあなたのデータベースで削除された

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幸いに、DLMでは操作パネルからAPIの使用状況を直接監視できます。 Continue reading “1日の制限を超えないようにAPIの使用状況を監視します!”

How to use DLM on your Mac

DLM is an application which can only be used on Microsoft system. But if you’re using Mac, you can still easily use DLM without lots of efforts. By installing DLM on a Virtual Continue reading “How to use DLM on your Mac”

DLM Keeps Your Database Table Updated at All Times!

Auto table update function is designed for a few scenarios which make your database table incomplete.

Monitor your API usage to avoid exceeding daily limits!

Pulling data from Marketo can achieve several benefits like producing marketing reports or data backup. However, without paying attention to download jobs, your quota of daily Marketo API calls won’t be enough soon. Continue reading “Monitor your API usage to avoid exceeding daily limits!”

Marketo Program Members can be accessed by DLM now!

We are excited to announce our new supporting object: Program Member is now available in DLM!

Why do I need Program Member data?

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