New features released on DLM ver 4.2.5:

    1. Intuitive User Interface
    2. Speed control
    3. Process bar
    4. Preference setup on extracting Lead

Intuitive User Interface

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.44.35 PM.png

The new UI is more user friendly which allow you to drag and drop the items to arrange by your preference. Furthermore, you can hover to see the details of each functions. It’s more easier for you to get familiar with DLM.

Besides, you don’t have to check on the Toolbar when open DLM anymore. Double click on the shortcut on desktop you will find all the functions you need!

Speed control

Since users number is growing with DLM, there are more and more users contact and feedback us some special scenarios. One of them is its easy to reach Marketo speed limits sometime,

To prevent this issue, we enable “Request rate limit” setup at Marketo credential setup window. We recommend to use default setup with “Request rate limit”=100 and “Failure retry”=10. However, it might resulting in lower speed sometimes. If you are intending for a higher speed, you can increase “Request rate limit”, but since it might be more easier to reach Marketo limit, please increase your “Failure retry” as well.



Process bar

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.25.31 PM.pngIn DLM for MS SQL 4.2.5, we add process bar which make you more clear on what you currently working on and the remaining time you might expecting.


Preference setup on extracting Lead

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.38.02 PM.png

There are four main functions under DLM Lead extracting: New lead, change data value, delete/merge Lead, check and fill missing value. These are all designed to make sure all Leads being extracting correctly. However to finish extracting, it takes lots of time especially when there are million or even trillions of leads.
Let’s why we separate the four main function to make you customized the setup based on your situation. We recommend to select “New Lead”, “Change data value”, and “Delete/Merge Lead” when you first extract Leads since it takes more time on “Check and fill missing value”. And you can set the function as needed afterward. Below are the details of each functions.

  1. New Lead: Download “New created” Leads.
  2. Change data value: Update value changes on existing Leads.
  3. Delete / Merge Lead: Find delete/merge leads and update.
  4. Check and fill missing value: Check Leads records from beginning to avoid any leads being skipped when Marketo connections is not stable.