Three tips for you to keep data further:

  1. Use Bulk extract API to back up data
  2. Marketo integration tool
  3. Premium Data Retention Option

Not sure about what is “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” ?
Check here ☛ “Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” at a glance

“Marketo Activities Data Retention Policy” will soon to take effect on August 15 2018, and will retain activities records within 90 days on high-volume activities, are you ready for the new data policy? If not, below are 3 actions you can take to keep your data longer!

Bulk Extract API

Marketo provides Bulk API to get Leads(Persons) & Activities data. However there are some limitations as below:

  • Max Concurrent Export Jobs: 2
  • Max Queued Export Jobs (inclusive of currently exporting jobs): 10
  • File Retention Period: 10 days
  • Default Daily Export Allocation: 500MB (Increases available for purchase)
  • Max Time Span for Date Range Filter (createdAt or updatedAt): 31 days

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Marketo Integration Tool

Using Powerful data download tool to extract data will always be the best idea! It’s effortless, efficient and it can be more than expected! DLM as a leading Marketo data download tool can help you not only back up all Lead activities but all objects needed for further analytics!

DLM allow you to have Lead, Lead activities, Program, Program Members, Campaign and Opportunities records to be organized in your preferred database(currently support on MS SQL & MySQL), you could also set a daily scheduled job through DLM to make sure all the data up to date all the time.

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Premium Data Retention Option

Marketo provide “Premium Data Retention” subscription which can store the data for 37 months. However, for high-volume activities, the retention period is still 90 days. Contact Marketo Customer Success Manager for further information.