Have you confused about what’s the difference between “Initial data” and “Extract data” when using DLM? How exactly will this two functions work together to help you downloading data?

Initial data is to help you replicate All data from Marketo to database while Extract data allows you download incremental data only. The design of Extract data is to save your time on loading and to avoid exceeding Marketo API limits.

How will “Extract data” or incrementally download help on my business?

Mostly, there will be millions of data in Marketo, and that’s very inefficient that you should download all data every time. Not only the loading process is time consuming, the data collection and integration also needs a lot of efforts. “Extract data” is designed to make the whole process more efficient! When you choose “Extract data” function on DLM, it will help you check the latest synchronizing date and only download data after last synchronization!

You can also set up a scheduled extract data task. It will help you incrementally download data from Marketo daily, weekly, or monthly. You can choose the frequency you like to best fit your production. Image that everyday you go to work and find the up-to-date database is there ready to use! Doesn’t it sound nice? What are you waiting for? Sign up free now to get your works more efficiently!

Hmm…but what is Initial data? Why will I need Initial data?

Initial data is to download ALL data from Marketo. Therefore, it means every time you select this action, the old data will be deleted and replaced by latest data. Initial data is best to use when first time using DLM, wanting to create data in others database or you’ve revised some data in database but don’t want to keep the modification anymore.

We provide Initial data only on “Lead” & “Program member” cause these are the foundation of others objects. And most of others objects, like Activity, is not necessary to be downloaded from the first date.

What if I start with Extract data?

Extract data use the method of incrementally download, but since there’s no existing data, your download will be same as initialing. However, if you’ve already downloaded data, please make sure you do not use initial data function unless you want it start from new!

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