Though DLM is the expert of loading data from Marketo, we still continuously dedicate ourselves on this field and improve in every aspects. The more users we reached out, the more ideas we got on creating new features of our roadmap. Now, we can’t wait to share ourbranding new DLM Enterprise v4.1 with you! With lots of breakthrough techniques and functions applied on DLM Enterprise, this will definitely be your best solution of 2018!

What’s New?

DLM Enterprise breaks SQL limits to provide you over 1024 columns, no matter how many customized fields you create in Marketo, we can completely and properly push it to your SQL server.

Not only did DLM Enterprise solve critical limitation from SQL server, DLM Enterprise also build in with multi-thread download function which allows you load data from Marketo to SQL server fast and efficiently.

Furthermore, with easy control supervision function on your extracting process, you can manage and view your API calls through DLM and even set up limit just by two clicks!

This is not the end of thrilling DLM Enterprise functions, you can even extract data to Excel to further analyze your data!

How these functions will benefit me?

DLM is designed to make you effortless load data from Marketo. With DLM Enterprise, you will have a fast, efficient, and invincible superman not only help you conquer SQL sever limitation, but also complete all your works without exceed API!

No need to worry about your internet connection, DLM connect to Marketo and your remote SQL server automatically with DLM brilliant API to save your API calls and help you do the trivial things at background. What you have to do is just set up DLM and you can find the data in SQL server whenever you need it.

Comparison table for DLM Professional & Enterprise:

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.48.53 AM.png

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