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To extract Marketo data in a smarter way!


我々は新しいサポート項目を発表できることを大変嬉しく思います。 プログラムメンバーがDLMでサポートできるようになりました!


欠かせない項目でマルケトレポートを生成できるようになり、この先、マーケティングアクティビティや顧客への明確な洞察力もたらしてくれるのです。 Continue reading “プログラムメンバーがDLMでサポートできるようになりました!”


DLM v3.2 release- Activity scheduler

Activity Scheduler is now available on DLM. Try to automatize the Activity extraction from Marketo via DLM from now on!

Activity data increases all the time where there are new activities in your Marketo. To make your Activity relative reports up to date, the freshest data is a must! We provide below new features which save your time from manually operating DLM for Activity Download for each day! You could choose whatever Activity types you wish to schedule download process!  Continue reading “DLM v3.2 release- Activity scheduler”



  • Marketoのリードフィールドの更新(追加/削除)
  • DLMで新しいオブジェクトをダウンロードしたのに、あなたのデータベースに対応関係テーブルがない
  • オブジェクトのテーブルが誤ってあなたのデータベースで削除された

Continue reading “DLMはあなたのデータベーステーブルを最新の状態に保ちます!”


幸いに、DLMでは操作パネルからAPIの使用状況を直接監視できます。 Continue reading “1日の制限を超えないようにAPIの使用状況を監視します!”

DLM version 3.1.1 release

Hi All,

We just release our latest version 3.1.1 which solve the issue of DB name. Before, when creating database, the Database name could not contain the words same as “user name”, “password”, “server name”.

Now we have fixed the issue so you can give any name to Database. Continue reading “DLM version 3.1.1 release”

Which stage of marketing analysis are you in? —- Mid Stage

mid stage

In early stage of Marketing, we have talked about the methods if acquiring new names and Leads, Continue reading “Which stage of marketing analysis are you in? —- Mid Stage”

How to use DLM on your Mac

DLM is an application which can only be used on Microsoft system. But if you’re using Mac, you can still easily use DLM without lots of efforts. By installing DLM on a Virtual Continue reading “How to use DLM on your Mac”

Which stage of marketing analysis are you in?? —Early Stage

Which stage of marketing analysis are you in?

There are lots of questions marketing people would like to ask regarding marketing analysis:

Continue reading “Which stage of marketing analysis are you in?? —Early Stage”

Get Marketo Lead Activities via DLM now!

We are excited to announce LEAD Activities is now available on DLM!

What’s new in this feature?

  1. Get all leads activities
  2. Give a time range for activity data download
  3. Automatically create tables and fields in database Continue reading “Get Marketo Lead Activities via DLM now!”

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