Activity Scheduler is now available on DLM. Try to automatize the Activity extraction from Marketo via DLM from now on!

Activity data increases all the time where there are new activities in your Marketo. To make your Activity relative reports up to date, the freshest data is a must! We provide below new features which save your time from manually operating DLM for Activity Download for each day! You could choose whatever Activity types you wish to schedule download process! 

  •  Support Activity schedule download
  •  Select certain Activity types to schedule download
  •  Auto create selected activities tables in database
  •  Time frame set up

Here is a quick guide for how to set up the Activity Scheduler


step1: Go to the “Task Scheduler” then enter a task Name

step2: Schedule the frequency of the Task
step3: Choose “Activity Filter” for choosing certain Activity types
step4: Choose Activity Types which you wish to schedule download then click “Finish”

step5: Click “Next” and finished scheduling 


step6: Go to Task Scheduler in your computer to check the scheduled task

Enjoy your  effortless download of “Activity” and try to go deeper to your reports! With those Activity data you could do some Lead analysis which we called it as “First stage of Marketing Analysis. Check out how to make analysis with your fresh “Activity” Data!

Go to first Stage: First-Stage analysis