DLM is an application which can only be used on Microsoft system. But if you’re using Mac, you can still easily use DLM without lots of efforts. By installing DLM on a Virtual Machine (VM) with Microsoft OS, you can also download data via your Mac. The operation process is very simple in only four steps:

  1. Create a VM on Azure (Azure is only an example because it provides free account for a month, other VM providers like AWS, Oracle are also available)
  2. Install ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ app from your iTunes
  3. Connect to your VM from Azure portal the first time. (Remote desktop app connection is also available after the first time installation  )
  4. Install DLM on your VM

Step 1: Create a VM on Azure

Microsoft provides detailed documentation on how you can create your own VM on their Azure portal. Click the link to see how to create your own VM: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/virtual-machines-windows-hero-tutorial

Step 2: Install ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ app from your App store (Optional)

Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a very useful app to let you connect to any of your desktop anywhere. If you don’t like to use app, you can just connect to VM through Azure portal (Step 3).

dlm on Mac

Step 3: Connect to your VM from Azure portal the first time

Once your VM is created in Azure, you can click on ‘Virtual machine’ tab on your Azure homepage.
dlm on Mac VM
To connect with your VM, simply follow below three steps.

Select VM => Click ‘Overview’ => Click ‘Connect’
dlm on Mac VM2

If you’ve already had connection with your VM, you can also use the Remote Desktop app to connect by double click the name of your VM.
dlm on Mac desktop

Step 4: Install DLM on your VM

Once VM connection is ready, you can now visit https://dlm.trend.org to register an account, and install DLM in your VM.


Watch video demo for Using DLM on Mac !