We are excited to announce LEAD Activities is now available on DLM!

What’s new in this feature?

  1. Get all leads activities
  2. Give a time range for activity data download
  3. Automatically create tables and fields in database


This new feature allows you to get all lead activities from Marketo to the Microsoft SQL Server database. You can easily get activity data for a given time range and activity types including standard and custom types via friendly user interface on DLM. Besides, you don’t need to worry about activity types having different set of fields. DLM will automatically create tables and fields for every chosen activity type in the database. To retrieve lead activities, DLM is the best data extraction tool for you because currently there’s no other applications have the feature as we do!

What can I do with Lead Activity data?

With lead activity data, you can easily do fundamental marketing analysis like email engagement analysis and webpage performance analysis…etc. However, to produce a more complex analysis, you may need to bring data from multiple source together by combining programs, leads, or opportunities to further generate indispensable marketing reports. For example, you may want to know “which emails are more likely to be opened by customers who purchased the specific products?” or “what are the top 10 visited webpages from a group of customers? However, you won’t be able to get the answers with lead activity data only, but data combined from multiple data sources.

Below are some useful analysis you can do with lead activities

  • Top Emails open by given groups of customer

If your manager asks you which email campaign was the most popular among customers who purchased the digital product groups in 2016 Q3, don’t feel frustrated for this task which you might never accomplish on Marketo.

Just follow these steps! First of all, retrieve email open activity log in 2016 Q3. And then, filter out the customers who have purchased the given product, say digital product groups in our case. This data may come from ERP or sales data source depending on your business process. Following that, join the customers and Marketo leads based on primary key, such as SFDC ID if your Marketo has integration with Salesforce. Last but not least, combine the Marketo leads with email open activities based on the lead ID. Finally, you can generate the report via BI tool to answer the critical question to your manager.

activity analysis mail

  • Top 10 visited webpages by given groups of customer

Here is another scenario, your manager would like to know what the top 10 visited webpages are for the customer who has downloaded the free trial or registered the live demo webinar. First of all, extract webpage visited activity log. And then, retrieve program members for given programs. When that is completely, join the program members and webpage visited activities based on the lead ID. If you want to see the report for further detailed program attributes, you can merge the data with programs based on the program ID. Finally, show the incredible reports to your manager via BI tools!

activity site analysis


There are more things you can do with lead activities. Combining activities with other objects could give you more insights in your marketing strategies!

If you need any help on performing further analysis or combining other system data, we are happy to assist you to achieve it.

Please contact us via dlmsupport@trend.org.