Auto table update function is designed for a few scenarios which make your database table incomplete.

  • Lead fields update (Add/Delete) in Marketo
  • New object(s) available for download on DLM without corresponding table in database
  • Object(s) table accidently deleted in database

Before extracting data under above scenarios, you will have to update database tables first. Well, it sounds problematic, but you don’t have to do the table update job anymore because DLM will do that for you! Let’s see how auto update table can do for you by simply follow below steps and your database will be up-to-date in a few clicks!

Update fields in database table (Take Lead for example)

  1. Create a field(s) in Lead
  2. Navigate to “Database” function
  3. Click “Update Table”
  4. Select “Lead” to update
  5. Click “Update Table”

Check the up-dated table with the new field dLMNewField in your Microsoft SQL database!

After a new field is created, wait 5-10 minutes then to update table in DLM

Create table(s) for new Object(s)

  1. Navigate to “Database” function
  2. Click “Update Table”
  3. Select “Table” to update
  4. Click “Update Table”

With only a few clicks, update database table is no longer an issue!
Isn’t it simple? Go on and keep your tables up-to-date!

Watch video demo for table update!