We are excited to announce our new supporting object: Program Member is now available in DLM!

Why do I need Program Member data?

This new feature allows you to sync all ProgramMember data to the SQL Server database and combine other relevant data such as programs, leads, and opportunities. From there, you can generate indispensable Marketo reports and further have an explicit insight to your marketing activities and customers.

To extract Program Member data, DLM is the right option for you because currently there’s no other tool in the market that has the features like ours!

To visualize how important Program Member is, let us take a look at some of the useful analysis you can do with program member data.

Program Performance Analysis

Program Performance Analysis allows you to measure program effectiveness and marketing ROI. It also helps you compare each program to ensure you are focusing on the ones that actually produce results. Here are some insights you will get from program performance analysis:

  • Aggregated data from all your prior programs by channel or program customized attributes
  • Number of members, acquisition rate, and success rate for each program
  • Key metrics across programs for comparison

program success by channel

Program-Opportunity Analysis

Revenue comes from opportunity which status is closed-won, so it is important to know how your programs contribute to these opportunities.  To analyze Program along with Opportunity, the Program Member bridges the data gap among Program, Lead, and Opportunity.

With the Program – Opportunity Analysis, you will be able to identify effective programs to ensure your sales team is always flushed with qualified leads. Here are what you’ll get from program – opportunity analysis:

  • Understand which opportunities are influenced most by a given program
  • Know how a given program generates the most revenue
  • Break down your program analysis by opportunity-detailed information

program with opportunity won

Marketing Influenced Analysis

It is crucial to understand how your programs influence sales and opportunities. By analyzing the right metrics, you will be able to determine the success of your marketing programs with Attribution.

With Program Member data, it is easy for you to implement Marketo attribution analysis: acquisition-related measures (FT) and success-related measures (MT). In addition, you will be able to combine Opportunity data to gain deeper insight. Here’s what you can get from marketing influenced analysis:

  • Understand which programs have had the most impact on your opportunities and revenue
  • Identify which quarter has the highest revenue won
  • Determine the revenue generated by each touch by different metrics, such as Account or Opportunity attributes.

multi-influenced revenue by program

If you need any help on how to conduct these analysis or combine any other system data, we are happy to assist you to achieve it. Please contact us via dlmsupport@trend.org

How does Program Member synchronization work?

You need to sync all Program Member data on the very first time using DLM, which might be time-consuming depending on the amount of data in your organization. However, once all the Program Member data is extracted to database the first time, DLM will only sync those newly added or updated Program Member data.